Vintage Finds

Here are some vintage goodies that I found within the last week.

I discovered this vintage print yesterday at a garage sale around the corner from me, I snapped it up in an instant.

I am partial to an old Penguin, but this one made me laugh at the image on the back cover.

Kolynis denture cream. Spotlight on charm. What THE!

Now this one I need your help with. Not sure if it's retro, I bought it as I thought it was cute. It's plastic, and seems to be some sort of food storage, but the lid doesn't have a tight seal and it looks like it might be slightly insulated. Perhaps some sort of picnic thingy???

I do love these canisters, I have a set that's cream with green lids that were my gran's. This one is large, but the label instead of being for flour is coffee. Now that's a lot of coffee.

At the same garage sale I also found this sweet vintage child's coat for Ava.

I am happy now both my girls having lovely vintage coat's for winter.

This is a photo of Sarah from a year ago in her vintage coat, that I bought before I even had children, hoping one day I would be able to have a girl who could wear it.

Now I have quite a lot of these pretty French glasses in all sizes, but I have never before seen them in the colour below.

These are three of the six that I found at an oppy, I was happy to $1.00 each.

For more vintage finds pop over to Sophie's blog, Her Library Adventures.


Sue said…
I love your girls' vintage coats, how wonderful! I have seen those glasses in the bottom color, I am sure my nan had some. I have no idea what the apple container holds, would it be a bowl to serve hot food in at the table or something!
Tracey said…
oh the girls coats are magnificent! Great finds
Cindy said…
I'm loving the coats too. Apple canister is gorgeous, not sure about the retro thing though, possibly.
I would have bought all of those things too if id seen them. Such similar taste we have??? The coat is a fantastic find!
willywagtail said…
Gorgeous finds. I would think the apple container was for sugar unless it is too big. Maybe cookies then. Cherrie
your girls certainly look the part, look at their lenient faces! i love your finds too, and the way you displayed those. the print of course, is gorgeous... the insulated apple, well, i do believe it is an ice canister, you know? i can just about imagine the indispensable plastic gripping spoon that would originally have come with it... do you think?
Tanya said…
I think the apple is an ice bucket.
Bounty Huntress said…
The coats are absolutely precious!
MissMollyCoddle said…
I love the coat! So jealous! The little apple is an ice bucket, they also came in pineapples etc... love the container too. I have a cream with blue lids spice set, oh and the green spice set and salt tin stashed away for if i ever change kitchen colour scheme, I'm a hoarder.
what beautiful finds!!! love the apple :) and that coat... gorgeous!!

kel x

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