My Next Knitting Project

We are off for a week of camping in the next few days. Yipee!!

My choice for unwinding in the evenings, apart from a glass of wine will be this book, a Sherlock Holmes mystery by Caleb Carr.

I will also be taking this new project my winter wrap design, after much unpicking I finally got it right. I'm guessing it's going to take me a while to get it to almost two meters, as at the moment it's only 15cm, hopefully sometime before Autumn.

Also don't forget my auction of a shabby vintage banner for the Flood Relief Fund, at the moment there is one bid at $10.00.


Jelly Wares said…
I'm loving the new knitting project!!!

Have fun away camping..

Jodie :)
Allana said…
Enjoy your camping - sounds like fun!
Will have to grab a copy of that book, looks like a good read. I am a Miss Marple fan myself but have been keen to try a bit of Sherlock :)
Allana said…
oh and ps. The Munchkin would LOVE to play if you are ever near by :)
Hope you have an enjoyable time away. It amazes me that you can knit through summer! Your new project looks good. You're a very talented knitter.
Lillabilly said…
Ooh, have so much fun camping! Can't wait to see the completed project!

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