Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

Spring will be here tomorrow, so for today's Tuesday Treasures I thought we could look at some great pieces from Made It using the search "Spring".


Monday, August 30, 2010


Yesterday we arose early to do the 2 hour trip to the closest snow field for a bit of tobogganing. We were all excited as we hadn't been to the snow for over two years.

We stopped at what's left of the town of Marysville after it had been completely destroyed by bush fires in 2008. It was terribly sad to see what was once beautiful town, full of old cottages and shops, surrounded by lush trees and gardens, to be now almost barren. They are slowly rebuilding and businesses are set up in makeshift vans. I just hope that they can rebuild in the style that it was with charm and not erect quick slap up structures that have no soul. It was great to see hundreds of people from Melbourne stopping and spending their money to help support this small struggling community.

The snow field of Lake Mountain was covered in heaps of snow. This year has seen the best snow falls in a long time. We had so much fun and after three hours going up and down the slopes, then building snow men we left very tired but very happy. It was a quite trip home as our girls slept all the way home.

Blurry photo's of excited girls on the way to the snow.

Mr snowman

Mini snowman

Andy the big kid


Terror (my poor baby)

Hot chocolate and chocolate cake after a hard play

Thursday, August 26, 2010

When Will I Finish

This is supposed to be a vest for one of my girls, however I think it's going to be summer before I see this finished. I found this vintage pattern and felt that a mish mash of stripes would make it cute, but I feel like I've been knitting this for weeks. Why am I so SLOW, it's only plain knitting. I must try and get at least the front finished, then the back should be simple.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Quiet Moment

The last few days here have been bitter, the wind rips right through you. Last night, I just got the girls home from swimming lessons when it pelted down with hail. We were very excited to see our yard looking white and the girls were collecting the hail stones to keep in the freezer. They are so funny, as this morning they raced downstairs to see if their collection was still frozen in the freezer. Funny that.

It's the simple things at times that can put smiles on faces. Right now, mine is to relax with my new magazine, a cup of tea at the ready, and a freshly baked banana cake. Mmm! Heaven!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Treasures

It's almost Spring, the birds are twittering outside as I type, so today's Tuesday Treasures from Made It is all about birds. I hope you enjoy them.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Garage Sale Heaven

Election day was the day for garage sales. Where there was a polling booth there was a garage sale and I was in heaven. Here are just some of my finds.

When I saw this painting covered in dust, I nearly fell over in my haste to snatch it up. The frame is lovely but the image is divine. This looks like water colour and pastel and the date is 1920. I paid $3.00 for an original piece of artwork. Unbelievable!

This 1950's dress is made of soft cotton, just perfect for the warmer months.
I just need to loose a kilo or two.

How cool is the leather on these boots, and such a pretty dusky blue.

This small case is a real gem. The girl I bought it from said it was her grandmothers who used to travel a lot. It looks like it might be from Bali in the 1970's. I just love it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fun Friday

The sun was out this morning with the sky so blue. Walking across the park taking Ava to school the wind was bitingly cold from the north. In summer that is always a warm wind but in winter it comes straight of the snow capped mountains.

Sarah is at home and we have baked jam drops to enjoy over the weekend. We borrowed this film from the library and I balled my eyes out, I had no idea it was that sad, but beautiful. We have been listening to Loreena Mckennitt, I always find her enjoyable while crafting, baking etc.

Hope you are all enjoying your Friday.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Creative Week

This week I've had hubby away on the other side of the country and wouldn't you know it, I've had both girls home from school with various ailments over the last few days. To keep them busy here are a few things that we did.

Sarah's mosaic before grouting


Ava and her piece of string finger parachute. Do you remember doing those?
Andy actually knew more things to do than me. Wow! I was impressed.

Foot path chalk drawing with the kids next door.

A banner to welcome home daddy.

Paper and string bunting to send to a friend.

Planting seeds in pots and garden.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Icehouse - The Kingdom

I've managed to get my old record player going and I am now enjoying listening to some old music from the 80's. This is just sooo dreamy.

Op Shop Finds

While waiting for my butcher to make my special request, I popped over the road to an op shop. I never have much luck in finding anything in this shop before, this time I got lucky.

Made in Japan ceramic spice bottles

Vintage craft odds & ends - I love the old thimbles from the UK & an old needle gauge

Old piano stool, painted in a shabby vintage green.
I think I'll recover the white vinyl seat in some old floral linen

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's Treasures

The sun is out today, birds are chirping, spring is in the air. Today's fab finds from Made It I found using the word "fairy". This is for all the little fairies at the bottom of our garden. Have a beautiful day.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Green Is The Theme

Meet Me at Mikes is going green. Last weekend out walking along the upper Yarra River, I was fascinated by the mossy green carpet that was so soft to touch.

Sunday Night Bliss

Flowers from my lovely hubby for no particular reason

To curl up on the couch after a busy weekend of kids parties and our school fund raising trivia night was bliss. The trivia night was such a hoot, many people dressed up as famous muso's. I was a floating Stevie Nicks and Andy was the cool Elvis Costello. After downing several glasses of bubbly, the noise level increased and answers were being blurted out. We had air guitar and daggy dancing competitions. I awoke the next morning wondering why my next was a bit sore, Andy said laughing "maybe it was because I was thrashing around on the dance floor to the Sex Pistols". Hmm!

Gal Pals

Toast with butter, pumpkin soup, then apple and date cake