Vintage Dress Alteration

 I bought this dress a while ago now for around $7.00.

 I loved the fabric but had only worn it once as I didn't really like how it looked on.

It was the elastic.
I felt strangled around the waist and wrists.

I thought about cutting it up and making it into a skirt but then I came up with a  simple solution.

( Apologies for the crumpled look, I was too lazy to iron it first.)


I grabbed my trusty quick-un-pick and in less than five minutes the deed was done.

All I did was remove the elastic and then ironed it.

A more free flowing dress which I can team up with some of my other
 secondhand pieces for new looks.


Super cute dress! I love tweaking something to make it more wearable.
Zara said…
It sure is such beautiful fabric.
I often have to remind myself while op-shopping that although the style or fit of a piece of clothing may not be to my taste I can always try altering it.

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