Summer Fun

Here comes the sun.

We enjoyed the lovely mild day yesterday with a picnic in the park by the river, before the temperature soars to forty degree's for the next five days with the nights in the mid twenties. Ugh!

It's not going to be easy keeping the kids happy in that sort of heat.

I will be looking at quiet indoor craft projects and games.
There will also be lots of trips to the pool and beach, and we have stocked up on videos and books from the library.

The girls raced around catching cabbage moths, which they released before we left.

My latest read which I am thoroughly enjoying.

A sleeping dog on the cricket pitch didn't stop the game.

The special friends relaxing.

View over the river to Studley Park Boat House.


Allison said…
I hope the staying cool plans are working Al. blimey what scorchers your having!! we will get our fair share in Feb...we always do. Keep those fluids up and think cool thoughts!..Al x

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