Home Goodies

We picked our first ever home grown zucchini yesterday and it was a whopper.

I was going to pick it three days earlier but forgot and when I went out last night to get it for dinner I was shocked to see it had expanded to even larger proportions.

I handed out some cut pieces to the family to nibble before I cooked it and we were amazed at the wonderful flavour. Now I do buy organic most of the time but we've never had a zucchini picked just minutes before. I think the next one I will cut into strips for a salad.

Our rye bread that we made was done in the machine but this year I am determined to have a go at sourdough, which will be a big saving as we can go through a loaf a day and at $5.00 a pop, that will certainly be a saving to the grocery bill.

We also made a large banana cake that was waiting to be iced. I had bought the banana's cheap from a non organic grocer and my family did not like the taste one bit, but bunged into a cake they were fine.

I had to buy a lettuce the other day (which I paid $2.50 for) as all our lettuce has now gone to seed.
 I am collecting the seeds and have just replanted them to start the process all over again, but
this time I will stagger the planting so that we won't run out again.

Lastly our lovely chook eggs.
I still buy a dozen organic eggs each week for cooking with, but these little beauties are for us to eat.

Just a little bit of work to reap in the benefits and savings.


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