HaPpY NeW yEaR

With the sun setting over Melbourne, the bats take flight in search for food.
They stop by our place most nights for a nibble on our not yet ripe figs.

We watched this amazing spectacle with lots of other families in a park near us as we waited for the 9.30 family fireworks.

There were families playing cricket and kicking balls, 
kids with sparklers, glow sticks and I even saw glow swords.

It was a relaxed, fun evening of dips, chips, cheese and bubbles.

After the fireworks everyone clapped and cheered, then we packed up and wondered back home to be tucked up in bed before midnight.

Simple but lovely and best of all, no hangover.

Here's to 2014 


Trudy said…
Happy New Year Alison. Hope this year is fabulous for you and your family.
Allison said…
looks like a lot of fun....happy 2014 Al...much love and adventure to you and your gorgeous crew.
Al x

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