Vintage Finds

I managed to snag these old books at our school fete, in fact I actually got two large bags full.

I had seen these old books earlier in the day behind the counter but they had rather high prices on them. As the fete was drawing to a close they were reducing everything drastically, so I asked if they were also reduced and they were. Yipee!!

The oldest is dated 1885. I didn't really know what they were about till I got them home, I just liked how they looked, so I was delighted to find some great old classics amongst them like Tolstoy, Chaucer, Sir Walter Scott and Tennyson .

 Just look at the lovely marbled pages

A sweet Australian school poetry book and this lovely tea pot and cups were some of my finds.

It certainly is the season for fete's there are a few more in my area coming up in the next few weeks.


Liz said…
Fabulous finds - especially the books!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
simmone said…
Lovely,lovely finds,can't decide which I like the best! Your garden is looking great btw, not like our's.We are in survival watering mode.
Amazing how old those books are. The Poems for Pleasure looked familiar, I reckon we had that at primary school. Loved all the photos of the fete.

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