A few days ago I bought these vintage glass dishes for an amazing $2.00 total at a local op shop. You just don't normally find these kinds of bargains anymore, I guess it must have been my lucky day.

After years have having my buttons stashed in tins, constantly rummaging around trying to find what I needed. This morning I decided to put those new dishes to good use and with help from the girls we dived and delved into tins and sorted them out by colour.

The other colours are for now in glass jars until I can come across some other pretty containers.

So much prettier and easier.
I don't know why it's taken me soooo long.

I have also been getting frustrated with my sheets and notes of knitting patterns, even locating them has been a chore. Some are in boxes, old suitcases or baskets, frankly a real mess. I had a lady just the other day ask me to knit a lot of washers for her for Christmas gifts using one of my patterns. Do you think I could find it!

So enough! It's time to get organised.

While out shopping a few months ago I purchased a packet of these folders on sale from a lovely stationary shop without any idea of how to use them. This morning the answer to my problem came to me.

So from now on all my patterns and notes will be filed away into these folders under the appropriate heading, hopefully from now on I will be able to find what I need in a flash.

Even my wool stash is finding some order, thanks to Ravelry. I still have the massive task ahead of organising my fabric stash but I'll save that for another rainy day. I can't be that super organised all at once now can I.


chrisartist said…
The jars look great.
Sorting buttons- a life long love of mine.
Allana said…
So nice and satisfying to get little systems in place... and such pretty ones too! :)

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