Fun Fete Day

 What a successful day we had.

The crowds were out having fun, enjoying the non stop entertainment. Knocking back a beverage or two, munching on a souvlaki with spit roasted lamb or chicken, wood fired pizza, or enjoying a large plate of dahl and vegie curry.

This fab gathering of ukulele players smashed out some hits, one favourite in particular was Talking Heads, Psycho Killer.  Who'd of thunk it!

Many crafternoons had been enjoyed throughout the year by some clever crafty mums making goodies for craft stall. I think I'll be roped in to joining them next year. I've also been asked to set up our first chai tent.

The sweet little matchbox mice tucked up in bed were a huge hit with the kids.

Miss Ava with friend visited the glorious garland making stall. These are always popular with kids and adults. I hardly saw Ava all day, she was having a wonderful day, enjoying all the activities.

I was told by her teacher late in the afternoon who was managing the fairy floss stall that she was being very resourceful.

Apparently after having spent all her money on (much needed) frivolous items and no longer being able to hit mummy and daddy for more funds, she stayed close to the fairy floss machine and was able to snatch bits of floss as it was floating away. I think her teacher sneaked some to her as well. Smart kid.

 A friend wearing a fairy tree house made at a crafty stall involving twigs, string and cardboard.

 This cool soulful chic rocked.

 I did manage to get some healthy food in to my girls while taking a break from the activities.

 Mega seedling sale and all sprouted by the school using heirloom seeds.

 Argghhh me hearties. Always a favourite.

 Our new pizza oven built by students and parents was getting a good work out.

 I have to say it was one of the best pizzas I had ever eaten. Thin crust, minimal topping, sublime.

 I was told this was the best ever box maze yet. Hidden inside this room, crawling through boxes, kids were lost for ages within its depths, finally arriving at the slide exit.

 The live auction saw some heavy bidding competition, I missed out on a package that I wanted which was High Tea at the Windsor and a horse and carriage ride. Oh well! Can't win them all.

 My neighbours son had a bit of fun at the girls glamour booth. All the girls love him.

Miss Sarah and friend about to perform their extremely lame magic tricks, which was hilarious.

It was a fantastic day, I ate, drank and danced.
Andy spent most of the day helping kids bash nails into timber to make toys. The wood work boys were very busy this year.
Even with my effort of 18 cakes added to the cake stall it still sold out just after midday.
I did have some wins at the silent auction and scored some goodies at the stalls.
After seven hours we left tired but happy.
Today will truly be a day of rest for all.

On Monday we will find out the total tally raised for our childrens benefit at school.


Liz said…
Looks like a wonderful day with something for all ages! Hope you raised lots of money.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
chrisartist said…
What a great day!
Thanks for visiting my blog Allison.
You will love Robe!!
We passed the caravan park everyday, it looks great.
Best quilt shop and beautiful people.
Favourite vineyard- Wangolina- it's not far from Robe.
Allana said…
That looks like an awesome fair! How fun!
Biddy Martha said…
That looks like the best fete ever...Wish our school had a fete like that, i know it takes all the parent participation to make something great like yours. Also love Dave O'neil, like listening to him when Richard is on holidays on 774 Melbourne. He plays the best songs..

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