Medieval Cape

What girl doesn't dream that they are a princess wrapped up in a medieval cape.

It all started one night at dance class a few months ago when a friend of hers arrived in a lovely warm wool cape that her mother had bought at a Celtic festival.  Sarah fell in love with it and it gave me an idea that I might be able to make one similar.

Well, I was finally able to do that for Miss Sarah yesterday. The look on her face was worth the effort on my part, when she saw laid out on the chair in her room, the cape that I had made for her while she was at school.

Here's how it all came together.

While out and about at garage sales I came across a fur collar for $5.00 that once belonged to a coat. Now the hunt was on for a large enough blanket in the right colour which I eventually found for $6.00. A little bit of lace that I had lying around for the ties was added. Cut and stitched, job done in an afternoon.

I wasn't sure about keeping the satin edge, but she loves it.

 Transported in time to a place of romance, magic and mystery.

She's wearing it at school today.


Allana said…
*sigh* what beautiful lives your girls lead Alison! The cape is gorgeous and your daughter is too. :) xx
Allison said…
that is beautiful!!. yes i surely wanted one at that age....actually even at this age....well done mama!. I agree the satin trim looks special!....what a sweet little girl you have, great that one on the rocky outcrop.
That's beautiful, I can imagine may hours of fun and letting the imagination run wild.
Bungalowgirl said…
Well done Alison the cape is pure wonderful, especially that satin trim. What a happy happy girl getting to wear it to school too. mel x
The Custards said…
That is gorgeous - I had an Edwardian cape that I used to wear as a teenager - how I wish that I still had it!
Best wishes
Trudy said…
What a magic Mum you are to make such a gorgeous cape for your girl!!
Zane Wooder said…
Love the cape. Good job mom.


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