Vintage Finds

It hasn't been easy here over the last few weeks.
My man was away over seas for two weeks, which left me without my backup in helping with the girls.

Then a few days after his return while the girls are on school holidays, he came down with chickenpox which for a man of 40 something was not pleasant.

So I've been trying to keep the girls busy, so that they would leave their poor suffering dad alone.

Today for the first time in 9 days he's actually ventured out into the world, he still has marks all over but they have healed enough for him to feel decent to walk around in society. At least he's not contagious anymore.

Because I haven't had a break in over a month, I've been feeling a little frayed around the edges and been a bit snappy. This has not been fair on them and doesn't make a happy house, so this morning I gave myself a little therapy with some much needed me time and went to some garage sales.

This is what I found.

A silver plated tea and coffee set with bakelite handles for $10.00.

I originally thought I'd put plants in them, but decided to give them some spit and polish.

After a quick polish they now have a bit of elegance.
 I think they look spiffy enough for tea parties.

Green goodies all for $10.00
Fowlers Vacola bottling container
Large checked blanket
Scratchy painted metal box

I was a little excited when I saw this chest of draws but felt they probably wanted a bit for it.
Here is the brief story on how it came to be mine.

I asked the price and was told to make an offer, to which I said "I don't know".
He then replied "What about $5 or $10".
I looked at him a bit bewildered and repeated $10, to which he said "it's yours".

Can you believe it? I couldn't get my purse out quick enough.

It was the man's dresser when he was a boy, then I think it was kept in his fathers shed with tools stored in it's drawers .

I decided not to sand it back or paint it but to just give it a clean as I kind of like it's shabbyness.
It now holds my collection of vintage tablecloths which were shoved up high in the back of a cupboard. 
A bit of a Cinderella story I think.


Catherine said…
Lovely! that Cinderella chest of drawers is special - I bet it made your bit of me time feel even better! x
Allison said…
You poor thing....not the best school hols at all.....but all worth while now??? Amazing finds...those drawers are really something....and I'm a sucker for a chippy green metal box too. Hope you get a little more R & R soon x
BOB & MABEL said…
I love all your finds but particularly the drawers, they are very special. Everything you picked up I would have bought too.
Zara said…
Oh my gosh, you found so many treasures. I would have bought everything you chose too.
There's not many garage sales around here, maybe there'll be more as the weather warms up.
The Custards said…
Lovely chest you have there!! I might have swum across a few ocean myself to buy it!
Good for you
Best wishes
Wow! I totally love that chest of drawers. So awesome! I love the other items you found also. Very nice finds!
Biddy Martha said…
Love your green stuff..

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