Upcycled Granny Rug

A while ago I posted about a small pram rug and how I was going to upcycle it into cushions.
After completing one I was then distracted with other projects, but now I'm happy to say that the last two are finally finished.

Our cheerful baby blankie now has a different purpose with the girls still enjoying snuggling into an old favourite.


chrisartist said…
Looks so bright and cheerful and to have the memories of the babies pram at hand is a wonderful bonus. Well done.
Allana said…
Love them, great re-use and nice and bright and cheerful for Winter :)
Liz said…
Great idea!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
GardenofDaisies said…
What a wonderful idea I have a granny throw that I accidentally shrank in the dryer (oops!) that may need to be reincarnated as cushions.
simmone said…
Those oppy blankets make great outdoor cushions,don't they? Love the colours of yours.Have a great weekend.
quiltjude said…
Wow that is a great way of re-cycling - so cosy to snuggle up to :)

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