Eco Craft

Previously I had posted about some cushions I had made from my children's pram blanket that they had grown out of. I had some squares left over, which I'd stitched together and they have now been upcycled into a cover for a retro vinyl foot stool I found at a garage sale for $5.00. I've crocheted around the edges and woven in some hat elastic to keep it secure.

 A completed wash cloth, the cotton I used was made from recycled t-shirts.

Previously I posted about this bag I found in a pile of hard rubbish, the lining had perished but the bag and leather handles had charm, so I rescued it from destruction and with a quick cut and sew from a recycled doona cover it now has new lining and a new purpose.

My new knitting bag, cost $0.00, just one hour of my time.


Allana said…
A gorgeous bag rescue Alison, and i love your footstools new cosy. I keep meaning to start some dishclothes, love the idea of he recycled tee yarn :)
chrisartist said…
Love the stool and bag.
You are so creative Alison.
I went op shopping today with a friend and we were so tempted by many items. What fun!

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