There's nothing worse than being sick unless it's your child that is sick.

Last night while at dancing Sarah said she didn't feel well while watching her sister dance and waiting for her class to start. I just thought she's a little tired and said to her to have a go and stop if she felt worse. During the class I popped out for about ten minutes to collect our Vietnamese takeaway dinner and upon my return she was slumped in a seat. So we left immediately for home, we had only just got in the door when all hell broke loose and the poor little thing heaved her guts up.

This then continued throughout the night with us both getting little sleep. Sarah sleeps on a top bunk, so we moved the mattress to the floor, Ava slipped into bed with daddy and I had her bed to be close when needed, which was constant. I felt all her pain with each bout, I have never seen her this sick before, it was heart breaking. I just wished it would stop. Finally eighteen hours later with nothing left in her tummy, drained and completely exhausted she looks like she's now on the mend.

I know of a few other families at school who have suffered something similar, so it's obviously going around, I just hope the rest of us are immune as it's a nasty one.

It's almost two o'clock in the afternoon and she's now sleeping peacefully and as for me I'm going to curl up in a chair by the fire with my new magazine that arrived in the post today (perfect timing) and maybe drop off for a nap.


m.e (Cathie) said…
oh gosh, poor little thing!
I hope that it goes away as quickly as it came.
there's nothing worse than seeing little ones in pain ♥
Sorry to hear about Sarah being sick, but glad it seems to have passed. Enjoy a quiet time reading my favourite magazine!
bec said…
Hope she bounces back quickly- you're likely to feel tired for longer though haha. I remember being sick like that as a kid, it was awful. Youch wood no one else cops it- and thank God you got home in time!
chrisartist said…
Poor little girl! I hope she bounces back quickly.
I well remember nights like that, one in particular where my husband and I were passing each other in the hall tending to all three. I hope the rest of your family are all ok.
Allana said…
Oh dear, how awful for Sarah, and the rest of you. Hope she is 100% again soon and no one else catches it either. It is not nice to watch our little ones suffer :(
Cant wait to get my hands on the new CS :)

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