Project Hard Rubbish & Craft


This old cement pot I managed to lift into the car without giving myself a hernia ( thank goodness I've been working out, I knew there was a reason why I sweated away at the gym). I'll test it to see if it's going to leak first, but I think it will look nice with some water plants in it. It certainly has character.

 These four terracotta tiles will make nice stepping stones in my veggie garden.

A new wash cloth I'll be putting threw it's paces once finished. I must admit knitting with cotton is not my favourite yarn as I find it a bit clingy on the needles, lucky they are only small, I don't think I'll be attempting working on a garment.

What a great day to be crafting today, it's cold, wet and pouring with rain outside and now it's time to take a break with afternoon tea.



Tanya said…
Good wash cloth pattern. I have some cotton calling me too but I think I will hook a couple.

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