Hard Rubbish

It always astounds me the things that people throw away, without me rescuing them they'd be landfill now.

These two pretty paintings need a little bit of love to clean them up, but they were thrown out onto the nature strip.

They will soon be adorning my walls once my man gets the right masonry drill bit to hang a few hooks, I've only been waiting a year. No need to hurry. Huh!

 "I'm goin ta saddle up ol dollar an head out onto the pass"

I was hootin an a hollarin when I saw this saddle, no idea yet what I'll do with it but definitely wasn't leaving that behind. 

The girls are now asking for a pony for the back yard. AS IF!!

I actually had to pull something out of the back seat I had collected, to squeeze not one but two of these chairs in. There was another scrounger nearby who helped me load them in and he was very happy with my cast off as a thank you.

All perfect except for small damage to vinyl on back rest, I can live with that for now. They now reside under the verandah out the back, quite comfy reading with a cuppa in the warm Autumn sun.

 A nice bag with leather straps, all it needs is a new lining which I'll do soon.

 Candlestick was covered in cobwebs and bits of rattan were attached, cleaned up it looks nice next to my fire.

A garage sale find for $2.00 again needs a hook.

I also found ethnic tribal fabric which I've washed, but I'll save that for another post.

More happy hunting ahead.


Bungalowgirl said…
Love those paintings, and the chairs. If the damaged vinyl bothers you, you could always recover in oilcloth- red and white spots would be pretty spesh. melx
Good God, you've done it again. I'm speechless. Xx
Allana said…
You find the best things Alison! I would have chosen each and every one too. I can see a horse fashioned from reclaimed timbers and things for the gorgeous saddle :)
chrisartist said…
When I was in Melbourne a couples of weeks ago, I was astounded at the nature strip collections!! I saw iron gates, BBQ table and other great finds.
I love your latest finds. Careful you don't end up like me with too much stuff!
humble habit said…
I have been going to town with this years hard rubbish, my kids are loving the drives and are so thrilled when we find something. You've found some great things,Love those chairs. I too cannot let something that will scrub up or is just beautiful go to landfill.
I just love that chair you found!

The Joyful Thrifter
Zara said…
Wowee great finds. those paintings sure are lovely. x
Linda said…
Those flowers paintings are beautiful, I love finding stuff like that x
Heather said…
I just love both floral paintings and the red clock. Thanks for "saving" them! ;)

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