Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Ugly Truth

Well here it is folks.

The pic's of the old scungy cupboards in the kitchen and bedroom and then the filth behind them. Guess who got the job of cleaning it up. Lucky me!

Look away now if you are at all squeamish.

Ahhhhh! Disgusting!!!!

Andy's brother lent a much needed hand in the demolition.

I'm smiling now, then I see yet more filth to clean up.

Now you see it.

Now you don't.

Hopefully that's the worst of it over.

We had an engineer over yesterday and he suggested, fix any water/sewerage leaking issues under the house before we consider underpinning in the future.

So now it's up to the plumbers, electricians, and plasterers, to make it a bit more comfortable and safe before we move in.

This w'ends projects are to fix spouting, fit new doors into shed and my job will be scraping off the rest of the wallpaper. Thank goodness it is only in one bedroom and the hall.

I can't wait to paint and rip out the carpet but first things first.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our Easter Break

Well Easter's over for another year and I hope everyone enjoyed their break.

We were able to get a way for an overnight stay at my sister's country property, where we ate too much, laughed a lot and had a nice break away from the reno.

I had a comment from Mel at Bungalow Bliss re: naming the house. They call their house Betsy, which is a great name. I Googled most popular names from 1930's, and we came up with Doris, so Doris she now is instead of The House. Thanks Mel for the idea, much better. I tried to name Andy's work shed Rock, as in Rock Hudson, he wasn't impressed.

Here are a few pics, from our country break.

A hunting we will go.

A BIG thanks to my most beautiful sister and her most lovely man.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

House Reno - The Beginning - Discoveries

First of all a happy and safe Easter to you all.

On Thursday we were handed the keys by the elderly senora. Emotions were overflowing, we chatted, we hugged, we cried as she gracefully said goodbye and walked away from her home of 60 years.

That afternoon, we for the first time were able to have a good long look at what was ahead of us. I was excited but also daunted.

This is how we spent our Good Friday.

Firstly get rid of the deteriorated and dusty old curtains and blinds. Yuk! We managed to get some of the windows open and let the air flow through, however some are just so badly rotted, that I think professional help will be required to save them.

This ugly built in cabinet was on my hit list for demolition and that was Andy's job. Look at what we discovered. I knew we had a chimney, but thought that the fireplace might have been demolished and then plastered over, but no, it was actually built around to our delight. Yay!

Now to rejuvenate.

With the house sinking, it has caused a lot of cracking. One of the first things that must be done is underpinning. and then re stumping. There will be more cracking from this work, which for now we will just put up with. My concern is these ceilings, which we will do our best to try and save.

This one is massive, it practically covers the room. Look at that light fitting. Ooh!

The girls loved ripping down the wallpaper.
It was over the built in robes and on the window sill.

The first lick of paint, the girls were useful in getting into the cupboards.

From dirty pink, to sunny yellow. It's name is Lemon Delicious. Yum!

We have decided to rip the rest of the cupboards out and the ancient electric stove. I thought we might be able to keep it, but once we had a good look and found piles of distgusting mouse poo and crud, I couldn't possibly even consider putting anything in them. So a fresh start, some new appliances and I'll feel much better. When it comes to the big reno in a couple of years we will be able to re fit them into the new kitchen.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Doll Craft Fashion Shoot

For her 8th birthday last month, Sarah received a doll making kit from her Aunty.

She decided to have a go at making it all by herself on the holidays.
It involved making the hair, drawing the face, and beautifying the dress.

Let me present to you "Buttercup" on her first fashion shoot, designed and photographed by Sarah.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

I've been a bit remiss lately in posts for Tuesday's Treasures.

It's a great way to highlight and support local crafter's by showcasing their handmade goodness.

Today's theme is embroidery.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Finds, Friends & Market

What beautiful weather we are having at the moment. I just love those soft warm Autumn days with just a hint a coolness in the breeze.

We spent most of it outdoors, riding our bikes, playing ball, going to garage sales and markets.

Yesterday the girls and I popped along to the North Melbourne market, which has hand made and vintage items for sale.

I was informed about this market by this lovely lady, Lyndel from Vintage, Retro & Simply Cute Shopping.

I found so many lovely goodies, some from Lyndel's stall.

We left the market happy but with a much lighter purse.

I just have to have these cute pink heart shaped measurers.

The blue buttons and coat hanger were from Lyndel's stall.

I love the old colander, that will go nicely with my yellow and red ones.

Me with Lyndel and her lovely granddaughter. Just look at the scarf on her neck, she had just finished making that from thrifted wool and she's only 11.

It was wonderful meeting you both.

Miss Ava with her lacy gloves.

Lyndel gave both my girls a pair each for dress ups, they played princess's all afternoon.
Thank you.

The girls enjoyed the cup cakes.

Below is a delightful find from a garage sale held by some of Sarah's friends to get rid of some no longer played with things and to learn how to handle money. They had heaps of fun playing shops and made some money for their piggy banks. We plan to do one soon.

Isn't it just the sweetest.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sweet Surprise

It always amazes me about the wonderful people you meet via blogland.

It is a great place to meet like minded people discussing and sharing ideas, craft, finds, family, food etc.

A while ago I left a comment on Georgina's post from Perpetual One about "what's in the box?" along with other bloggers. She then told us that we were all going to receive a surprise in the post for playing along.

Ooh goody! How lovely! What a surprise! He..he..he..

Here it is, in all it's sweetness.

A beautiful hanky with the word "hope" embroidered and a lovely handmade card. Aaw!

Thank you Georgina, you made me smile.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Things that made me smile today.

Autumn leaves

Four winged butterfly

Funny feet


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pressies In The Post

Our little girl had her 6th birthday on Tuesday.

She had a lovely day, even though it rained all morning.

It is always exciting opening gifts, but the parcels that came in the post were the most exciting. Who doesn't love getting parcels in the post.

Look at that face.

I'm going to wear this badge all day.

I wanted to post this yesterday, however blasted pics wouldn't load. Humph! Very annoying.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Combi Love

I have a dream.

I dream about owning a vintage combi.

My girls also want mummy to have a combi.

Even my man says one day he'd like me to get one.

How cool would that be.

The holiday's we could have in it.

The shopping for vintage finds, more space for goodies.

Combi love

Sarah's combi she drew for me last night.
Notice her spelling, "cobmi".
I didn't have the heart to correct her.

Ava's combi, with me at the window driving over the rainbow.