The Final Countdown

It's the 1st of Dec and the girls are getting excited. This year we are in a house that has a banister and I thought wouldn't it be nice to use it as an advent calender. So I have strung up a week of bags and have placed small goodies inside each one, then covered them with scrunched up newspaper to keep peeping eyes out.

Some of my ideas for this week are of course small lolly packets, Mr Men Christmas books, bubble mixture, notebooks, bookmarks, glitter and for today, the girls will find when they come home from school an iced donut (something I don't normally buy).


Very cute idea. They are going to LOVE it! Lou.
Catherine said…
I like the idea of a "climbing calendar!"
Alyssa said…
What a wonderful idea! There's just something that I love about things that go up and down a banister. I can imagine all kind of treats that would fit in the bags!
Erica Louise said…
this is such a wonderful idea! I love it!

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