Jane Austen, Knitting & Fruit

Hello fellow blog pals.

I'm sitting inside after a huge deluge of rain has come down on Melbourne. Thank goodness the humidity has dropped, as it has been a sticky sweaty few days.

So it would seem it bit strange that I am knitting a scarf in these conditions, however when the knitting bug hits, it's hard to ignore. I'm using the wool that was given to me by the lovely Angela of Bounty Huntress.

The other day I watched for about the fourth time, The Jane Austen Book Club, which has now set me off in reading her books again. So I am starting with Pride and Prejudice, and I have to say I am a tragic when it comes to Miss Austen, I love all the films and mini series that have been made. I must buy myself the Lost in Austen series, where a modern girl travels back in time and meets Mr Darcy. Hmmm if only.

Now for something completely different, out of my bedroom window I have this huge fruit tree, as do the next five houses in my street. Now I think this fruit is a cherry plum but not sure, any ideas.

What I want to do is collect mine and make it into jam, then ask my neighbours, if they mind if I collect theirs and in return give them a pot or two of the finished product.

Before I lived in this street I used to see all this fruit just fall to the ground and get wasted. I just hope I'll have enough empty jars, maybe I should ask them to start collecting those for me as well.


Sue said…
Your scarf looks very nice! Are they blood plums as my dad used to have a tree with the really dark purple plums on it. It would be nice if you could save the fruit and make some delicious jam. I am over the humidity of this weather too, but it is rather nice now that it has rained!
Allana said…
hmm, plums don't have those litle nodules on the end, they look more like some kind of stone fruit maybe? Hope you find out, sounds like a great community fruit saving idea!
Pouring here too, one hot day saturday and back to soaking!
Allana said…
Aha! Crab apples!?
Allana said…
eek, sorry totally comment spamming you!
Alison said…
Thanks Allana for your help, I've had a look, they do look similar. What I might do is take some to a nursery and see what they say.
Catherine said…
Austen sounds like the perfect accompaniment to this weather! Maybe I'll pull out a novel tomorrow!
Flotsam Friends said…
What a lovely day you had! I adore your scarf and the cover of your copy of 'Pride & Prejudice'. Look at that divine fruit just hanging there. It so needs to be made into something... Can't wait to hear what you do with it. Jam is a brilliant idea. Pruxxx
Jelly Wares said…
I have watched that very same movie 3 times this week - how funny is that!!!

I'm itching to start reading some Jane Austen now. I love the older woman who knits throughout the film, that also leaves me itching to start a click,click, clicking... :)

Hugs - Jodie :)
Like the look of your knitting. I love all things Jane Austin too. Good luck with making the jam, hope you're neighbours appreciate it.
Dana said…
I love Austen, preserving, and knitting! What a great combo! I hope you have read "Gentleman Darcy: A Novel in 3 Parts" by Pamela Aidan. It's my favorite spin-off Austen series. I would love it if they made a movie out of it!

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