The Big Day

After getting to bed at around 11pm on Christmas Eve, we had a call to arise at the ungodly hour of 4.30am. Aarghhh!!! "Go back to sleep" was our reply. Then about a half hour later, " Can we get up now", "NO"!!!

We caved in at 5.30am as two excited little girls crawled into our bed.

What's in the Secret Santa Swap, all the way from England.
The girls were also given parcels.


My Secret Santa Surprise. Thank you Lucy, from Lemonade Kitty you certainly did your homework. I love it all. I will take more photo's later, as this was rushed in on the frenzy of the morning.

Daddy's gift

We saved the best for last, and look at that face.

After lots of excitement and unwrapping, it was then time for a two hour drive to Ballarat.

Yes, we ate heaps.
Yes, we played games.
Yes, we had lots of fun.
Yes, we were very tired.

I drove home most of with way in a silent car, as the gang had finally succumbed to sleep.
I fell into bed exhausted.

Boxing day, lazy day, at last.

Girls have been checking out their loot.
Andy watching the cricket.
Me, finally a chance to look at my goodies.


Merry Christmas Alison....!

I'm GLAD you all had a FAB day Lovey & are back safe & sound....The girls as ALWAYS look like little imps....!

I haven't had a chance to check out the cricket so I'm HOPING the score went our way....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)
Jem said…
What gorgeous Chrissy photos! Your girls look so, so happy! Glad to hear you all had a lovely day. Mery Christmas!

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