Easy Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Cream

Yesterday on visiting Kate's blog Foxes Lane, I discovered she currently has an abundance of strawberries and was need in of some ideas.

Then today I almost bought ice cream from the supermarket, when I looked at the ingredients and decided I didn't want a cocktail of numbers for the girls to eat.

So at the green grocer, we bought some strawberries which were cheap, and used them to make an all natural yummy ice cream.

So Kate here's a recipe that might be useful.

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Cream

300g strawberries
250g natural yoghurt
110g caster sugar

Blend strawbs till soupy.
Mix sugar & yoghurt till sugar dissolved.
Stir in strawbs to yoghurt.

Put into ice cream machine.

20 - 40 min later.

Lick,lick, lick.


Sue said…
Oh yummy - that icecream looks delicious. Now wondering if I still have my icecream maker around somewhere!
Allana said…
Oh Yummy!! That looks so tasty, will most certainly have to give it a try thanks :)
Kate said…
Thanks so much for that! I have jars sterilising to make jam but am going to definitely make some ice cream too.
Flotsam Friends said…
Look at those adorable faces!! You are the best, what a great thing to do. Very satisfying. Have a wonderful, restful Christmas and New Year. Great to have connected and I look forward to catching-up again in 2011. Pruxxx

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