Cosy Cozie

I finally finished the cozie but needed a ribbon to complement the earthy look. I loved the brown velvet ribbon that was on the cozie in the book, but I was just plain lazy to go to the shop to find some, so I rummaged through my bits and bobs and found this green ribbon, I think it looks nice.

So what do you think, should I leave the green ribbon on it, or should I go shopping for brown velvet?

If the boys at my cafe don't want cozies for their pots, I'll think I'll sell this on Made It. I really enjoyed making this, so I think I'll do some more, it's a great way to use up two balls of wool.


Chantal said…
Tough choice. The cozie looks fab with the green ribbon but brown velvet sounds rather luxurious : ) I love the pattern you've knitted.
Sue said…
I love it with the green, but I love green. The brown velvet sounds wonderful too. Maybe grab one and see what the cafe wants. You could always keep it for yourself too.
Tamarah said…
Alison it's GORGEOUS....I LOVE the green ribbon but agree with Chantal that the brown velvet DOES sound luxurious....!

I think I'd LOVE either one & if the 'boys' don't like it I'll buy it off you....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)
Sonia said…
Sorry - brown velvet sounds rather delicious! p.s. GORGEOUS creation.
Love it, it's gorgeous. I say stick with the green. I love green (but I love brown too!).
Lillabilly said…
Green is my favourite colour...however I did actually have chocolate brown for my bridesmaid's colours at my wedding last year so I'm really no help to you at all! Gorgeous cosy, by the way.
Flotsam Friends said…
Firstly, who cares what the boys think! They know nothing about these kind of delights... I adore it just the way it is. The green compliments the earthy coloured wool. P.S. Yep, me too, let me know if you're going to sell it!! Pruxxx

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