Curbside Finds

Wandering home today after a gal pal lunch at the local cafe, I spied with my little eye two plastic bags on the curbside.

I gave it a glance then stopped in my tracks, when I discovered there was some old Twining tins. No need to think twice, I picked them up and continued home.

When I got home I opened the bags and my heart skipped a beat as I discovered there was all these and no double ups.

I also unearthed some fun badges.

These cats were also in the bags, I think they shall have fun in garden.

So not a bad find me thinks, so now do I put holes in the bottom to make them into pot plants. Does anyone have any other ideas.


Oh me, oh my! I think my heart just skipped a beat too! What an amazing discovery!! LOVE those tins!
Sophie x
zigsma said…
VERY VERY nice!! Herbs on the window ledge?
inmypencilcase said…
WOW what a great treasure to find, I love the black tins. Great for in the studio to store bits'n pieces in perhaps?, isnt it amazing how someone elses rubbish can be such a treasure !
Allana said…
Oh my goodness! Lucky you!! I have been on the lookout for some of those tins for ever. Love the extras too! I would go with the planters as I think they look awesome but you could certainly use them for storage too, ah the possibilities!! ;)
Those tins are great. I love the colours. Have you got space above your kitchen cupboards? They might look nice displayed there. It pays to go walking!!
Sue said…
Oh the tins look great and I love the cats too. Maybe you could keep the tins and put your craft stuff in them, or use them for storage in the kitchen!
robyn lee said… is like they were waiting for you to come along knowing you would see them...great find!

Robyn Lee x
Lucie said…
Hehe, that's magic! These tins are great :)
Erica Louise said…
Amazing tins! Fabulous!
felix and lily said…
Now that's some awesome spotting! Lucky girl!
karlyn Jackson said…
ah! there's my favourite, the green one. Love a good irish brekkie!
I love curbside finds ... and they'd look amazing with herbs in them. What a great idea.
My Flea Market Find
Gotta love that hard rubbish!
Helmitarha said…
Great tins! I also like your colorful cat family! ;)
PJ said…
adore, adore, adore those tins~
beats driving!
Well done you!
JeTaimeVintage said…
What a fantastic collection to find! Its so good when things find a perfect home, I love the plant pot idea, would look so pretty with colourful flowers or herbs!
Tracey said…
Those tins are delightful. Lucky girl!!
Alyssa said…
Oh what a lucky find! Those tins will be great. I do love seeing them all lined up there together. And cats - who wouldn't love some of those colorful cats in the garden?
Oh my goodness what a find! It's been ages since I have found anything for free, especially that fabulous.
Rita E said…
Fabulous curbside finds! I think herb planters would be so nice, or just displayed as is. They're great!

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