We're Back

Well we finally have made it back home to Melbourne. The stresses of moving however were relieved by a holiday to Phuket Thailand for two weeks while our stuff was in transit across the country. We had Nan & Pop greet us upon our arrival, who were also up for a bit of r & r. It took us a while to unwind, (nothing like a few beers, cocktails, massages and lots of lazing in and around the pools to help) but we finally felt chilled out after a few days.

It's however lovely to be back home in Melbourne, we have only been here two days and have already eaten out for most meals, as the food is so good and so cheap. Our first meal was in a funky pub, with fires blazing, eating chicken parma's. The next day it was a veggie breaky at one of our favourite cafes, then today we had another breaky at an Italian cafe that poached the eggs in Nonna's tomato sauce, the setting had me thinking I was in Italy. Then tonight we took the kids to a favourite pizza cafe. It was so good and cheap compared to WA. Andy had a large pizza, he was one slice away from finishing it, Sarah a small pizza, she could only manage one slice, Ava chicken schnitzel with vegies, she could only manage half, and me fettucine carbonara entree size, I just managed to finish. The kids found room for ice cream. All this was washed down with two apple juices and two glasses of red wine and cost us just $50. We were even given a doggy bag for leftovers. I best start my exercises again as I can feel the kilo's mounting.

A cuddle from Pop

A hard earned thirst, ice cold beer in frosty glasses,
watching the sunset at our favourite beach cafe.

Ava's special friend Mr Monkey was popular with the locals,
he went everywhere with her and got all the attention.

Al & Nan enjoying a very potent brew.

How awesome is the colour of that water. Even better I got to swim in it.


bec said…
So you're hintng WA is expensive? There goes that idea! where are you living in Melb? You'll have to catch up with some bloggers!
Alison said…
Hi there, We will move into our new abode in Clifton Hill on Monday, I'd love to catch up once we had sorted ourselves out and yes we did find it rather pricey.

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