Kid's Craft - Pom Pom's

The munchkin's have a lurgy and are feeling the need for some quite play today, so I showed them how to make a pom pom. Sarah has been on the couch most of the afternoon threading the wool around the donut shape, enjoying using her hands. She tells me it is a present for daddy for when he comes home tonight. We've had a few tangles but it's going really well. Little Ava lost interest early, as she was getting a bit frustrated with it, but she will try again another time.

For those of you who have never made one, find a cereal box, cut out two circles then cut out the centers, so that it looks like a donut. Then use any wool and start winding through the hole and around the shape, keep going till you can't get any more wool through the center hole. Using scissors, carefully insert it between the two circles and cut around till all the strands have been cut - do not remove cardboard yet. Next with another piece of wool that is long enough so that it can be hung up, tie it around the middle of the strands securely so as they can't be pulled out. Once secure, remove the cardboard and shape the wool into a pom pom, trim any long pieces. Finito.

When she's finished I will show you her first finished pom pom.


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