Our Neighbourhood

Today after six days of unpacking, we finally have a house that no longer looks like box land. There is still work to be done, but we had had enough and needed to get out and explore our old hood after being away for two years. We intended to walk/scoot to Fairfield Boathouse for "Devonshire Tea", however it was closed for renovations. The girls were disappointed, so we decided to really stretch the legs and walk along the river to Studley Park Boat House. I had forgotten how far it was to walk along the river track, and as it is a dirt track the girls were unable to scoot. We enjoyed the feeling of being in the bush, even though we were only a few kilometers out of the city. We came across thousands of bats hanging in the trees, it was amazing. We used to see them fly over our house at dusk on their way to feed, but had never seem them sleeping. Their large fat bodies hanging upside down wrapped in their wings reminded me of fruit on a tree, which is what they like to eat. We finally reached our destination and enjoyed a well deserved cuppa and cake in the beautiful surrounds on the river, before a shorter walk back home, happy and tired.

The creek 100 meters from our house

City view

River track


Almost there



Drewzel said…
Oh yay! Looks like you've moved to a really lovely spot.
And the girls are gorgeous :)

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