Girls Day Out At The Farm

This weekend, Andy is away catching up with old mates, swapping war stories, basically a boozy w'end. Us girls however are just having fun. Today we went to a garage sale and found some great toys, books and some lovely ceramic pots for the garden which I intend to use for herbs. When we moved I had to give away my plants as we weren't able to bring them with us. So my list of herbs will be chives, mint, basil, coriander, (and as in "Scarborough Fair") parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme.

Later we went to the Collingwood Children's Farm, which is a fabulous place for the family and just a short walk from us. It feels like you could be in the country, yet you are you're only about 5 km from the city. The girls hunted for eggs, cuddled guinea pigs, fed goats, sheep & horses. We had to leave early as they were closing to get ready for the mid winter solstice bonfire. We aren't going this year as it has become very popular, they now get thousands there and on my own it's just a bit difficult to get two tired children to walk home in the dark, trying to carry blankets and a picnic basket.

I gave the camera to the girls for them to take some photo's. I always enjoy it when I load them on to the computer to see how they view their world. I've shared some of these pictures with you below.

Egg hunting

Sarah's photo's below

Ava's photo's below


beccasauras said…
Def go to the farmers market day, $2 entry, all the animals and the best Farmer's Market!
Alison said…
It is a great day out. Next market is 10th July. See you there.

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