We're On Our Way Home

In the words of that old song ""Tie A Yellow Ribbon" "I'm coming I've done my time".
yes folks it's official we are going back home to Melbourne. Yippee!

We moved to Perth for hubby's work. We've had some fun, but we never really felt at home here. We so missed our old life back there and can't wait to enjoy our old haunts again. Great cheap food, shops that stay open after 6pm & on weekends, funky cafes, bars, pubs, venues, markets.
We already have a list that will take us a while to get through. On top of that list is catching up with family and friends, visiting our local pub, and our favourite cafes in Fitzroy & North Fitzroy.

The countdown is on only 4 weeks till we leave, 2 weeks holiday while our stuff is in transit and 6 weeks till our arrival on 30th May.

Below are some pictures taken in Castlemaine just before we left for Perth in 2008, the girls will have grown a bit since then.


Lark said…
Yay! It's nice to have an adventure but it will be great to be home!

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