Trees, Birds, Sea, Stingray's & Trails

This long weekend we took our last camping trip in Western Australia before we leave to go back to Victoria. The drive to Pemberton took us 5 hours with stops, the girls were over it ( are we there yet). It is a very pretty part of the country and reminded us of the highlands of Victoria, tall tree's undulating hills, wildlife. Our camping spot was nestled in a valley with a creek and fallen logs for the kids to climb across and explore.
The nights were the coldest we had experienced since living here with it dropping to 5 degree's.
We had lots of adventures wandering along trails, finding ant nests, feeding birds, climbing trees, discovering stingray's. It really was a great weekend and a wonderful end to our stay in WA.

We saw two stingrays come close to shore.
This one was about 1.5 meters across.

Andy starting the climb up the Bicentennial Tree, which is over 60 meters high. There are no safety harnesses or nets, just a bit of chook wire around the outside, you just hang on and climb the rungs that are embedded in the tree. There was no way I was going up.
If you look hard enough you can see him, almost half way.

Andy almost at the top.

A 4 kilometer walk around the lake and the girls were tired.


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