Paris Bound

My close friend Kim and her family are moving in two days to live in Paris. We both moved to Perth at about the same time, me from Melbourne, Kim from Kuala Lumpur. Almost instantly we and our children formed a close bond. Sarah was in the same class as Samuel, Ava was in the same class as Luke, and we all adored baby Elif. I am so thankful that we had met, we have had a lot of fun together. They have also helped make our stay here a lot easier as we had similar likes, dislikes, thoughts, and ideas. We are all sad to see them leave, and will miss them terribly, but we know that we will always be friends and we will see them again someday. We wish them all the best and know they are going to have so much fun in Paris.

Yesterday I got all their friends together for an Australian themed picnic, and a play after school. The children had lots of fun, rolling down hills, climbing trees, eating pavlova, fairy bread, anzac biscuits, sausage in bread, weetbix slice, crackers & dip.


tanya said…
gee those pavs look awesome!
he he!
bye kim! miss you already x

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