A Camel Story by Sarah

A camel at the pyramids.

I am always amazed at how kids think and what they can come up with. This is a story my now 7 year old wrote, she wants to make more copies and sell them. A budding little author.

One day a tired camel was scared, I want some food the camel said, then he went home, I can't believe that it is so hot, I might not have a good sleep tonight.
When he woke up it was a bit cold and it had been raining, that is a change said the camel, I haven't seen rain before and all the other animals were surprised too. This is the best day ever said the camel.

Maybe I can see my friends now but I have forgotten their names are. Now I know Ruby And Ava are my friends names. Hi Ruby, hi Ava, I missed you guys.

The end


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