Tuesday, January 29, 2013


There's a cool breeze drifting in through the window, I should get out of bed but I'm enjoying the quite moment of the morning before the girls awake.

The last few days I've been in my girl cave, a little sad, feeling a little lost and I've realised that while I've been busy looking after the family, I've neglected me.

So Andy took the girls off to the pool yesterday and I played with my box of jewellery that had been hiding in the shed. I used to enjoy the process of design, laying out the beads to see what pattern looked best, then threading them onto the string. So I sat under the back verandah and sorted through the containers and discovered again the joy of making jewellery.

This piece was broken with beads floating around in the bottom of a bag. After a little bit of fiddling about, it's now wearable.

For almost a week now my faithful old friend the sewing machine has been away having a much needed service and I miss her terribly. I have gone to my sewing room with projects to sew or repair and she's not there. I really shouldn't complain as it's been positively years since she last had a service.

I also tried to download some photo's yesterday of some of my latest garage sale finds and the laptop didn't want to wake up properly. I hope Andy can manage to fix the problem. Thank goodness I have the Ipad to keep me going as I have online orders that need posting.

So I'm hoping that my sewing machine will be back on Friday, that the laptop still has a life and I shall enjoy the last of these lazy days as school starts later in the week.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Out and About - Zetta Florence

One of my loves is beautiful stationary and I enjoy nothing more than wandering around Zetta Florence in Fitzroy.

There are so many lovely things to see and I never come away empty handed, whether its a gift for someone or a gift for me. This time I came away with a selection of vintage images on magnets for the fridge, two bird notebooks for only $12.95 and several meters of pretty ribbon.

Next visit might be some wax seals, rubber stamps and paper tape.

If you can't get to the shop just follow the link to their web site, plus there's a sale on at the moment.
Please excuse the poor photo quality, I didn't have my good camera with me.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Vintage Finds

We all know country towns have good op shops. So when I'm away I must must must have a little look to see what can be found.

My only regret was on the trip home we passed through quite a few towns that would have had goodies but I knew that if we had stopped we wouldn't have got home till midnight and my usually patient man would have had steam coming out of his ears.

We came across a garage sale in a retirement village and I picked up this sewing bag for fifty cents. 
The wool I purchased from a spinner at the Goolwa market.
 I just love it's nobbly colourfulness, me thinks this will be knitted into a big chunky scarf.

Roll of wallpaper fifty cents.
Wooden coat hangers twenty cents for a bundle, I bought all four bundles.

One dollar for each of these.

Fifty cents for each of these.
Two more Ladybird books to add to the collection.

These books by Marcel Marlier have the most gorgeous illustrations in them
and they only cost me fifty cents each.

More retro Agatha Christie paperbacks

This Field and Forest Handbook by Dan Beard from 1906 is a first edition.
It's a real hoot and you never know when I meet need some of the advice given.

Many ways to make a candlestick holder.

How to saddle up Ol Dollar.

Sheets of music come in handy for papercraft

A package of tapestry wool with unfinished work for fifty cents.
I like what was started and I think I'll have a go at finishing it.

A bag of craft notions for also fifty cents.
Not sure what the long metal thing with the hook on the end is used for though. 
Any ideas?

Just what we needed a salt and pepper TV.

Lastly some good old games that were one dollar for both.

I also bought some fabric and prints but I'll save those for another day.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


For the first time ever, we actually have an abundance of home grown food.

I was a bit unsure of what we would find upon our return from our holiday. Our lovely neighbours (who have an amazing inner city veg garden, which I believe will be in an up and coming issue of Inside Out magazine) came in and tended our small patch for us.

We were delighted to see that our plants were still loaded with produce and the girls raced in to pick away with delight, before we even had unloaded the car.

First thing in the morning, still in jarmies, they are out there looking for what is ready.

We are still learning what will grow best where and how to actually care for them but when we can see the results from our efforts of digging in all that manure and compost, there are smiles on faces.

I'm thrilled that the girls are learning the importance of real food grown organically and it comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, not like those plastic perfect specimens you see in the supermarkets.

We've had them fresh on toasted sourdough for breakfast.
Popped straight in the mouth while picking.
Slow roasted in the oven, then placed on top of creamy polenta with our lightly steamed beans.
The flavour is just amazing. Yum!!!

Now the wait for our figs to ripen.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Last Days

After a long day of driving we finally arrived at Goolwa our final stay.

It is a very relaxed town with a magnificent beach that stretches for about fifteen kilometers, ten kilometers of that you can drive on all the way to where the Murray River meets the sea. Some days it looked like a highway with 4wds pootling up and down, which can't be good for the ecosystem or the tranquility.

We spent most days splashing in the waves, with the girls boogie boarding and also learning to surf on our new board. On some days we wandered around and explored a bit but mostly time was just spent relaxing and catching up with some friends that were also there.

It's definitely a part of Australia that we will go back to, we just have to brace ourselves for the ten hour drive back.

It was a long walk across the sand dunes to pop out further up the beach.

Our last day was cooler and wet, we didn't mind as we needed a break from the sun. It was also the perfect day for us to finally put the car onto the sand and drive up to the river mouth, as there was hardly anyone around.

Almost there. We left the car and walked the last few hundred meters.

The Murray River mouth.

As I found them, styled by nature

Didn't know I was a twitcher did you. Well either did I.
I just had to take these photo's of all the different bird life we saw while driving along, tyre tracks and all.

People cockle hunting, a quite day today, some days you can see people all along the beach digging for the cockles, some use them for fishing, others for eating.

Looking out to the sea from a different view of the Murray.

Tired but happy.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Next Camp Site

After leaving Portland we headed to the small fishing village of Port MacDonnell near Mt Gambier, where we stayed for four nights. Unfortunately we didn't have the lovely beach like at Portland but we enjoyed looking around and the girls had a go at fishing, where the only catch was seaweed.

Blue Lake - Mt Gambier

Baby penguin waiting for parents to come home

Sink Hole - Mt Gambier

New cameras

It was like finding a hidden world