Vintage Find

A few weeks ago I was at a garage sale where this lady was selling lots of old dolls
 mostly in poor condition.

For the sum of $5.00 I rescued this one.
I felt a bit sorry for her laying there with just her little knickers on.

She has no arms and looks like she never had any.
She has what looks like a burn mark on her cheek.
The sole of one shoe is missing but the other one is made of cardboard.
I'm not sure how old she is.

From scraps of fabric I made her a little dress and head scarf.
She looks happier already

My youngest said she needed some hair and found this mop of stuff at her school.

I'm not sure what look I prefer but at least she has her dignity back.
What do you think, hair or no hair?
She also needs a name.


Allison said…
Al...she is delightful. Id name her Audrey.....her sweet sideways glance is rather Audrey Hepburn don't you think. I bet she is rather pleased it was you who found her. x
Pixie said…
...she looks much better now...the poor thing, xx

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