It's All Coming Together

Like pieces in a puzzle my direction in life seems to be coming together.

I have been a bit of a wanderer for a long time, flitting here and there 
not really knowing what my goals were.

I never really had the opportunity to further my education when I was younger, as I
left home at eighteen and started work.

From a chance conversation while out walking the dog a few weeks ago, 
I learnt about a visual arts course that was designed for mature age students.

I made a phone call, attended an interview and was accepted on the spot.

It's just perfect for me as the study times are between school drop off and pick up.
It's also fully government funded, I just need to pay for the materials.

The course will involve life drawing, photography, digital design, textiles and more.

So next year I will be going to school for the first time in over 30 years.

I'm so excited.

Above is a long lost knitting project that I started a few years ago. 
I spent most of last week working on it and now it's finally finished.
All that's left is some sewing and stuffing then it will be complete.


Zara said…
I'm excited for you. This is such an amazing opportunity. Enjoy lovely lady. x
Bungalowgirl said…
Wow, what an amazing opportunity for you to stumble across. Enjoy every minute, and feel free to share your creations with us!mel x
Tanya Murray said…
How exciting, good for you!
tess said…
lovely opportunity! your girls will cheer you on

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