This last weekend saw me leaving my family and heading to the hills.
I went away on a two night yoga retreat which awakened my mind, body and soul.

It was a wonderful experience, learning a lot more about yoga than just the poses.
It was also a chance for me to recharge my batteries.

I felt a bit guilty about leaving my family but it gave them a chance to spend quality time with their dad as he has been working late nights and weekends with the girls hardly seeing him.

When his work load calms down, I would love to send him on a retreat, he so needs it.

This is the view that I awoke to in the morning for our sunrise session. 
On my first morning I was actually moved to tears with its beauty. 

What started as sharing the retreat with strangers, ended with leaving as friends.
We shared fabulous vegetarian meals lovingly prepared by our hosts, enjoyed around a large table.
Walks in the countryside that awakened our senses.
Blocks of silent times to contemplate and lots of laughter and chatter when we could speak.

I came away feeling content and more attune with my feelings and surrounds.

 Om on a rock in a field of purple.

If you think you would like to attend this retreat you can find all about them here.


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