A Bit Of Catch Up

Sick and tired of bending down into the cupboard 
to retrieve a tea towel I found a solution.

One wire basket
Two hooks into the wall
Stacks of old and new tea towels
Problem solved

There's a fairy at the bottom of the garden.

No, it's my girls enjoying there new treehouse that daddy built for them.

After several weekends of construction it was finally finished.

The frame wraps around the tree so as not to hinder it's growth
 and the floor is lined with recycled floorboards that we had scavenged from building sites.

Covered in pillows, blankets and quilts they now have 
a fun and cozy place at the bottom of the garden built around the big fig.

A place to play, read, imagine and enjoy.
A place that they can call their own.

The day before the school fete saw me baking up a storm.

Each of these bowls will make six cakes
and I can just manage to get six cakes in the oven at once.

On fete day I was running a little late and arrived just as the fete started at 10am.
To my surprise there were customers waiting at the stall for my delivery, 
lets just say I was rather chuffed that my cakes were popular.

The cake stall had sold out by midday.

Plenty of time left to enjoy the festivities.


Trudy said…
Alison, you made 12 cakes in one day?!! You're my new hero of the baking-kind. And I simply adore the tree house, very cool. Do you sneak in there when the girls are at school?
Zara said…
Job well done making all those cakes. They look amazing all packaged up.
The girls cubby looks lovely, such a cosy spot to read. x
Woah, you have been busy. Those cakes look the bees knees. Love the wire container for your tts - a perfect solution. Drooling a bit over that pink quilt cover your daughter has. xx
Jan said…
Love the tree!Such a fun memory for the girls when they are older.
simmone said…
Hallelujah for good baking paper I say, impressive effort Alison. Love the cubby house, looks comfy enough to camp-out in. Your kitchen is looking fab too.

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