Vintage & New Blue Finds

Some days the things I find tend to have a theme. 
This lot of garage sale and market finds were all found on the same day and happened to be blue. 
It wasn't something I was conscious of it just happened that way.

This darling old dress is in need of some careful repair work which I'm prepared 
to do and it cost only loose change.

I saw this lovely vintage fabric in a basket and fell in love with it, then I was delighted to discover
 that it was made into clothes hanger cover.

This lovely soft scarf which is big enough for a wrap will see me through for the cooler months ahead and only a couple of dollars.

I also found this crocheted scarf at the same garage sale.

 A pretty piece of fabric that I'm not sure what to make with it yet.

I love sarongs, they are so useful. 
I use them as a sheet when hot, especially camping.
I have draped one over my shoulders and head when it's required while travelling in foreign countries.
I wrap them around my waist to be worn as a skirt over bathers.
They have been used to block out the sun at a car window and 
draped over a pram when the girls were small.
Everyone in my family has one, I now have several.

What can I say about this leather case except divine.


Bungalowgirl said…
Great finds Alison, I often have colour bursts of goodies too or even a theme. The other day it was bird related stuff. That little blue radio is so sweet too. mel x
Zara said…
I'd have to agree about the leather case. beayiful and useful.
My Norfolk Life said…
Such lovely finds! The Leather case is amazing!
Allison said…
hi all the blue...its funny how that works isn't it, spurts of all the same colour or theme....that leather suitcase is amazing! Al x
Trudy said…
What fabulous finds. I never seem to be so lucky ... maybe I need to get out more!! Great case, and what a sweet little radio.

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