Hot Sauce

Why oh why did I have to run out of Worcestershire Sauce now.
It's really the last thing you want to be doing on a hot 30 degree day, but when I looked at the weather forecast for the rest of the week it's more of the bleeding same.

So yesterday I got stuck right in and cooked up the black goo for three hours.
The house reeked of spicy vinegar, but now we are set for the next year or maybe two with 
"kick a moo cow", 'knock your socks off" Worcestershire Sauce.


Susan said…
The aroma is right up my nose! That looks great. I love the stuff. Much nicer home made, though I've never tried to myself. My Gran always kept the extended family supplied for a year in advance!
humble habit said…
Didn't even know you could make the stuff, wow i am impressed.
Allison said…
hi al....woostie is nics favourite...can I have the recipe??
pretty sure I can smell it from here!!
x Al

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