We are currently camping at a beach in western Victoria. I can hear the waves crashing while lying in bed. The girls are asleep, exhausted from a big day. Andy will be catching the train back to Melbourne tomorrow to work for the next few days, while the girls and I will be staying here. This is the first time ever that we will be away camping without him. I think it will be good for all of us. The girls have a lot more freedom here and are enjoying scampering around the sand dunes on there own, although our dog Lucy is with them. This is what I remember from my childhood holidays, not being fenced in but having the freedom to explore. Almost like the Famous Five, anyone for lashings of ginger beer.


Here are some lovely looking tents I found on Pinterest, they certainly make camping look easy. Unfortunately our tent doesn't look as romantic but it's nice to dream.

Happy easter



Susan said…
Lucky you, camping at Easter: an Australian tradition I've only managed to do twice, weather was awful both times. Wishing you sunny days all through.
Al said…
happy easter al and happy camping.....pouring rain here so hope stays sunny for you. if only camping was as glam as those shots!! x

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