Vintage Find

Since our recent break in, I have been lost without my lovely big camera.
Our next best camera was also taken, but both my girls small ones luckily were missed 
and it is with one of these that I was able to take some photo's.

A few weeks ago while walking past my neighbours I glanced into the dumpster bin they had out front.
They were having a big clean out before they moved and I just happened to spy something interesting.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that it was this lovely old stove.
I knew it was way too heavy for me to lift out alone, so I had to wait for Andy to get home.

Hours past and when he finally arrived I told him of my discovery.
 I expected him to say "what are you going to do with that, more junk", but he didn't.
Then I thought it still wouldn't have been there, but it was.

He was actually just as excited as me.
We hauled it out, carried it home, where it now sits under our back verandah.

A piece of history almost lost to the tip.


Susan said…
What a fabulous find! There's one just like it living happily in the courtyard at the Red Door Corner Store in Northcote. Your fabulous find already looks quite settled at your address, and how lucky for you it was still there when you returned to collect it - some years ago in Newcastle, on a mercy dash when my daughter was stranded in torrential rain, I spied a huge bevel-edged round mirror amongst junk on a nature strip, just 2 blocks from my rescue mission. You know the rest of the story, when we got back 5 mins later it had gone. Lucky you!
Allison said…
Oh good something nice and sturdy for any robbers to kick their toes on!!....I love it. I'm surprised you didn't suddenly possess super human strength and haul it home yourself!....seriously why would anyone throw something so beautiful away?!. X

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