Not Nice

We had a thief.
The glass in our front door was broken while we were out in the afternoon last week.
Our children have been in shock and tears.

Most things are replaceable except for the feeling of safety in our own home.

What makes me sad is the loss of a simple gold necklace
with my star sign that was given to me by my late father.

Now I am left with nothing but the memories, at least they cannot be stolen.

Not very nice to come home to.

We now have a solid front door and we are looking at getting an alarm installed.

It's not that we have anything left of real value for a quick resale,
it's more about helping the girls and me feel safe, especially when Andy is away for work.

So with the holiday season about to begin, be careful.

Sorry for the not nice post.


Oh Alison, that's so horrid. Poor you and your family. Stay safe. xx
Justjen said…
I'm so sorry this has happened and so close to Christmas ...I hope the Police can recover your necklace xx.
Jan said…
What an awful thing to happen and just before Christmas. It's a horrible feeling knowing that someone has been in your home going through your things. My house was broken into when my kids were younger, they took all of my jewellery and broke open the kids money boxes and took their savings. It took us a long time to feel safe again.
Susan said…
Alison, I would think that is one of the most awful things to come home to, and to lose something so sentimental is very sad. Touch wood, I've only ever had a hanging basket of flowers stolen from our front porch near our bedroom window (as we blissfully slept just 6ft away). It was a mere pot plant, but it burst my "innocence" balloon of believing we lived in a "safe" area, and made me as mad as hell for weeks, wondering about the low-life out there. x
So sorry to hear of the break-in. I remember when I was about your girls age we came home after a Sunday afternoon drive and we had been broken into through a side window. It does leave you with a horrible feeling.
Allison said…
Oh honey so sorry this has happened. It's truly a dreadful feeling. Much love x
tess said…
awww, so sorry, it's a terrible feeling, wishing you comfort

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