My Crafty Kitty

 Last Sunday while the girls were still asleep and our dog was enjoying an early morning walk, I felt inclined to do a little bit of cross stitch in bed from my Cath Kidston Stitch book, when plop Miss Pixie decided to join me.

Cutting out fabric getting ready to sew, who should settle herself in the most annoying of positions. Yep! You guessed it, my ever faithful friend. Luckily I had plenty of other projects to keep me busy that didn't require me to use the machine and leave her in peace.

Pets are so funny some times.


Bungalowgirl said…
Cats are such busybodies, they must know what is going on at all times. Mine likes to sit next to my while I blog and the warm outflow from the laptop rushes over her! mel x
Trudy said…
Trying to imagine my labrador doing the same!! No, she just snoozes nearby and occassionally wags her tail in her sleep ... I wonder what she's dreaming?!!
Allison said…
She's a beauty!
Allison x
Bella Mills said…
I only just started sewing I'm working on my first project- A patchwork quilt and I found that my cat Maxi loved to see on my fabric as I was tracing my first templates. Crazy little boy, so lovely.
Bella xx

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