Vintage Finds - Tea

I've been having a bit of a glitch with the old computer but I'm happy to say that with a little help from my boy I'm back on in blog land again.

I've also had some success with my garage sale purchases and it's funny but each week seems to have a bit of a theme with my finds. Last week it was china, this week has been vintage haby items.

I used to have a lovely collection of pretty floral cups, plates & bowls but in one of my moves I decided to sell them, which I have since regretted. I don't know about you but it's not easy finding lovely old china anymore. Then last week at one garage sale I hit the jackpot, a huge collection of bits and pieces was up for sale, I managed to pick up over 40 pieces for $40. Diddlydee, diddlydoo, I'm as happy as a pig in poo.

These will be just perfect for my girls birthday tea parties, ladies lunches, or just a different cup everyday.


Liz said…
They are gorgeous! Well done!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
sascedar said…
oh my gosh, what a beautiful collection! you need a big bunch of roses on your table and some delicate sandwiches to go with your tea, I think. great find! :)sarah
Trudy said…
Alison! Gorgeous china!! Can just imagine you doing a happy dance finding all these gorgeous cups and plates. And I think it's fun to mix them up. My daughter had a Mad Hatter's Tea Party this year and I mixed all my sets up and I think I like them even better like that!!
chrisartist said…
Beautiful china Allison
My friend owns a tea shop called Belles.
In George Town Tasmania. Everything you eat off or drink from is vintage like your china and I love visiting there.
She collected for 20 years!!!!
Allison said…
gone on..put them on your xmas tree (stick)!! know you want to...please!...then im not the only nutter!!
Allison xx
...Tabiboo... said…
I love that 'a pig in poo' - the kind of thing that makes me laugh out loud.

What a haul - you certainly have hit the jackpot...and a very beautiful one at that.

Nina x
Allana said…
Love Alison! That lady and the pheonix (?)... to die for! Great find :)

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