Today my will girl Ava will come home from school to a new dress that I have just finished making for her.

It is a completely upcycled dress from a recycled adult skirt that the waist band had seen better days but the fabric was still good and an old Alannah Hill shirt of mine that didn't fit any more but I liked the fabric.

I cut the sleeves, collar and sides away from the shirt to make it smaller, then simply joined the two together. I found a doily from my stash that was pink, then cut that in half for the collar. To tidy it up on the inside of the neck I put bias along the edge.

I added a piece of embroidery that I had made a few years ago from one of Ava's drawings when she was about three. I didn't know what to actually make with it at the time, I originally thought a center piece for a cushion but now it's become a pocket, finally I sewed on a press stud at the top covered by a vintage button and it's complete.

Perhaps once she has grown out of this dress I might then cut it all up again and 
recycle the fabric to make that cushion.


creations.1 said…
how lovely and what a wonderful surprise for little girl to come home to. Personalising the dress with the embroidered artwork just makes it very special!!
Biddy Martha said…
Love it, Alison.. so cool
The Custards said…
The dress is truly delicious on all sorts of levels. The collar and embroidery are just lovely - well done for your creation
Best wishes
Trudy said…
Wow, Alison, this is gorgeous!!! What a beautiful dress you've made, how clever. Did your girl love it?
Bungalowgirl said…
That is a truly special gorgeous dress. Especially the embroidery, love it. mel x
Lea said…
this is just perfect! what a precious dress for your girl.
What a wonderful idea.

Nina x

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