I don't know about you, but I find cards can be very expensive and the cost can add up, especially with the amount of birthday parties my girls go to each year.

Instead of spending $5.00 on a card we enjoy making them and that extra money then gets put into the gift. Besides I find that handmade cards mean a lot more as some effort that has gone into them. We also have fun with the wrapping paper, but that's another story.

For our Christmas cards I used watercolour paper which I tore up into the size that I wanted. I like the look of the rough edges and these ones are on the cute small size at 8cm x 8cm.

I used inexpensive watercolour paint to make a green swirl, once it was dry I then made tree like shapes with a fine brush, and to finish them off I put a drop of red paint on a a branch for a simple tree ornament.

I did these at night so please excuse shabby photo's.

With help from the girls we then cut out of old magazines a piece of paper that once folded would fit our cards.
A strip of double sided tape at the top, a plain sticker on the front for the address, then the sides were stitch on my machine and the task was completed. A tin of cards handmade with recycled envelopes awaiting to be written on.


Allana said…
They look so great Alison! I always have a card with a present and yes, they are crazily expensive! Sometimes I make them but you have inspired me to get sorted for the festive season :)
humble habit said…
These are just beautiful. I too hate spending that 5.00 for a card when you don't have one on hand. I think you have the right idea here, very inspiring.
Trudy said…
Brilliant! Perfect! I made a card last night for a friend's birthday, so simple - old road map glued to plain card, stamped in red with amazing rubber stamp (!!) and a bit of washi tape trim just to finish it off. Your envelopes are great, I use old calendar pages too.
creations.1 said…
They look fantastic. I have card making with my grand children on my list of things to in the school holidays - they love fiddling and being creative too. I just love receiving handmade cards myself. I have also made wrapping paper from kids paintings, butchers paper decorated with textas etc - another crafty thing for the school holidays!!
chrisartist said…
They are gorgeous!!
I have never made envelopes. This is a fantastic and individual gift. Anyone would be thrilled to receive.
They are gorgeous and I couldn't agree more. I always snip old Christmas and birthday cards up to make gift tags.

Nina x
Alison said…
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