Baby It's Cold Outside

I awoke this morning at 6.30 to walk the dog and stepped outside into the cold clear early morning light. The air was crisp as we wandered along the creek on our usual trek. When we step over the rise of the hill we normally have stunning views of the city, however this morning it was as if it had been air brushed out. The city was completely gone, shrouded in fog which eventually crept towards us, so that by the time we walked home it had engulfed all the streets and homes.

Four hours later and the fog still hasn't lifted, but with the fire going, the pets and me are happy to be snug and warm inside.

Please excuse Miss Lucy, she's such a show dog.


Allana said…
Looks so cosy and warm Alison, a gorgeous place to be on a foggy cold day. Fog is a funny thing, so disorienting!
humble habit said…
It has been really cold i agree, a 6.30 am walk would have me freezing. i have been walking all week without my car and my gosh even 9 am is brrrr.
Tanya said…
I could just lie on the floor too curled up with those two.

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