A Quick Snack

Hungry kids home from school and not a bikkie in sight to have with a hot cuppa.
Solution - Pikelets (drop scones)
Fun, quick and easy

We did leave a few for a hungry daddy.


simmone said…
Pikelets are a favorite for after school here too,we do the golden syrup/treacle thing with hot milo,perfect for winter,yum.
creations.1 said…
A favourite here with my grown up children and the grandchildren - but somehow I still end up standing at the stove while evryone else devours them as they cook and I have to get snappy at the end to get sa couple for myself!!!!
chrisartist said…
I absolutely love baking and cooking BUT I'm hopeless at making pikelets.
My sister is an ace!
What is the secret?
Some say the pan, the amount of butter, I think it's a skill.
Have a great weekend.

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