Vintage Finds

There is still one op shop that I know where I can find great things at great prices, however my jaw dropped when I spied this print, I couldn't pick it up quick enough.

I'm making a bit of a collection of old floral prints for my bedroom room and this one is just super.

I also clutched this book next to my chest when I found it on a shelf.  It's a small copy of Alice in Wonderland with lovely etchings throughout.


Pretty floral sheets, the lot for $5.00

How sweet are these all boxed and prettily folded.

I'm thinking of making them into a curtain but it seems a shame to use them, but then they just would get shoved in a draw just like they obviously had been before, at least this way they would then be viewed and admired daily


Liz said…
The hankerchiefs are beautiful and it would be lovely to be able to see them rather than put them away.
Love the picture - amazing find!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger
chrisartist said…
I think you are the best op shop buyer on the planet!
I love the picture. Reminds me of my Mum. She had one like that when I was little and I'd dream of living there.
The handkerchief s are so beautiful, I'd use them for gifts.
Have a great Sunday.
simmone said…
Alison you have the best luck.I'm in the process of collecting hankies for a laundry curtain.Not quite sure how to line them up if they're different sizes though.They are too pretty to sit in a drawer.
sascedar said…
oh- alice! what a great find! :)sarah
Claire said…
Hey Alison, what fab op shop finds.......that print is just gorgeous.
So nice to have an op shop where there are treasures to be had and you can still bag a bargain.

The hankies are lovely and a curtain is a great idea.....or maybe some bunting.

CLaire :}
Allison said…
What pretty the hankies. Look great as a curtain!

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