Vintage Finds

We went to a small fundraiser yesterday and found some goodies.
One was this tall blue glass vase. It's not vintage but it sure is pretty.

This sweet child's chair in perfect condition and the girls loved these trolls.

Some little birdies for an outdoor windowsill. Ooh! I'd better clean up that dust.

A favourite place to relax with a cuppa and a book or
on warm evenings with a glass of wine and some nibbles watching the world go by.


Vic said…
Trolls! I remember the great troll craze of my childhood... You knew you were special if you had one with a jewel in it's belly button!
Kylie said…
That red vase is lovely, vintage or not. And the little red chair is very sweet.
Your verandah is lovely too x
Allana said…
Fantastic finds! I agree with Kylie, your verandah is lovely and looks so inviting :)
simmone said…
Ha,that's not dust,love your chill-out spot and the new goodies.
gorgeous! i love that little balcony nook. our verandah is looking very bare as i keen waiting to stumble across the prefect furniture to create something cozy and practical!

Kel xx

p.s - oh trolls. i was a MASSIVE fan!!
chrisartist said…
Hope you had a fantastic Christmas.
I love your verandah. I've just tidied mine up for Christmas and now enjoy sitting outside my studio enjoying the garden.
We are on holiday at the beach cottage, can't sleep so enjoying your blog!
Happy new year.

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